Unique Low-Cost Tech from Shenzhen

The GetConnected Team is back from Shenzhen and we’ve got some low-cost pieces of tech found at the Huaqiangbei marketplace to share on today’s Tech Talk.

Our first find, a 4000 mAh cassette tape USB power-bank, is perfect for powering your smartphone or tablet and has a cool retro feel. Exploring Huaqiangbei marketplace, we also found some interesting smart watch clones that we will be putting to the test around the office! To be completely engulfed in smart watches was a bit overwhelming, but we chose to pick up an Intelligence Health Bracelet, Smart Watch, and Smart Bracelet to try at home. We then found a Xiang4u Pocket Drone which only cost $40 CAD and includes a 4K-capable camera. The drone is now up and running, so keep an eye out on the GetConnected social media channels for footage.

We also visited a large computer parts and video game market in Hong Kong called Golden Computer Arcade, located in the Sham Shui Po district of Kowloon.

The Arcade is completely surrounded by outdoor street markets.

Because these gadgets aren’t labeled in most cases, we don’t know where they will be available in Canada but Ebay or Wish.com should be your first stop for purchase.

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