Host / Exec Producer

Host_MikeAgerboMike Agerbo is today’s digital living expert. With over 15 years of creating and hosting broadcast television, Internet, and radio programs he is highly recognized as one of Canada’s leading tech experts.

In addition, to co-hosting the GetConnected television and radio shows since 2000, Mike can also be seen by thousands of television viewers with his regular Tech Segment appearances on Global TV, Citytv, and CTV. Mike’s casual style makes technology fun and simple.

Not only is Mike a veteran broadcast TV and radio personality, he is also an award winning television producer and creator. He has created programming for Global TV, Citytv, Prime, the Men’s Channel, the Biography Channel, Clear Channel, Tech TV and YTV. He was also a producer and co-host of Chalk Media. Mike has extensive experience in creating innovative partnerships between television broadcasters, and the new digital world – with Internet service providers and portals, including Yahoo, Rogers, Shaw, Telus, MSN, Bell Sympatico and many others.

Accomplished speaker, producer, host, and creator there is no limit to what Mike can do!

Follow him on Twitter: @MikeAgerbo